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A plea for the FFVII OST

Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack

The remake of Final Fantasy VII will be good. Will it save the souls of those, whose happiness seems to depend solely on its transcendence? No. But it could be great if they give us the option to play with the Original Soundtrack.

So many of our pleasant memories of FFVII are tied to the soundtrack. Giving us an option to play with the original soundtrack would go a long way to engendering good will to the long-time fans.


I’m currently listening to the OST. It is fantastic! I love what Nobuo Uematsu was able to compose with just electronic bleeps and bloops, but the ability to use an actual orchestra will not make the game better. It will only create a disconnect with a great deal of people that love the original game. The reason that matters? Everyone who will purchase the remake has played the original. No one (normally I wouldn’t say I’m 100% of anything) will buy this if they haven’t played the original, in some way. That’s not a bad thing, either, because everyone has played FFVII.

If there are other music options, that will be fine by me. Heck, if they want to throw in some of the music from ‘The Black Mages’ (Uematsu’s band), that would be awesome! Just let us have the OST, if we want it.

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