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I read the MK3 strategy guide and I didn't own the game.
I read the MK3 strategy guide and I didn't own the game.
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Are you too old to play video games?

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In my Sophomore year of high school, during lunch, a friend sat down and we started to talk about the weekend. He said he was going to binge-play Final Fantasy VII and VIII, the entire weekend. What was his reasoning? Because, according to him, he would soon be too old to play video games.


That conversation has stuck in my mind since 2001. It ended with the larger group of us calling him crazy. We let him know that he could play video games regardless of his age, and he shouldn’t let anyone convince him otherwise. He left the table without being persuaded.

So, was he right? At the time, it did seem there was evidence to support the idea that “Mature” people didn’t play video games. You wouldn’t have caught the CEO of a fortune 500 company, with a GBA. They were too busy making money. Then smartphones came out 6 years later. Now show me someone over 50 without ‘Candy Crush’ on their iphone.


Times change. Entertainment changes. If some innocuous electronic device helps you enjoy your day, when you are 16 years old, don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t enjoy that same entertainment when you are 60.

Life changes. Change with it. 

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