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I read the MK3 strategy guide and I didn't own the game.
I read the MK3 strategy guide and I didn't own the game.
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I accidentally watched part of the Movie "Titanic" once... forgive me.

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I’ve avoided the movie “Titanic”, on purpose. Time after time, the opportunity to watch it has presented itself but I have chosen to do as Nancy Reagan instructed and “Just Say No”. I don’t have a good explanation as to why I don’t like the movie, other than the same reason Peter Griffin (Family Guy) doesn’t like “The Godfather”; “It insists upon itself.” This story is about the time I was lulled into a false sense of security and tricked into watching part of it.


I was bored, and channel surfing one Sunday afternoon, when I happened upon what I thought was “The Quick and The Dead.” That particular movie is one of the only ‘Cowboy’ genre films that I like. In it, Leonardo Dicaprio plays a gunfighter. you really don’t need to know more, just watch it if you get the chance.

I quickly realized that the movie I was watching was not a movie about gun fighters but it did seem interesting. It seemed to be a period piece (which I like) and Dicaprio’s character was playing poker. ‘Oh, this could be good.’ I thought, in my ignorance. I put the remote control down and continued to watch.


Leo kept on playing poker but the man he was playing against didn’t have any more money to play. ‘Wait a minute. Did he just bet tickets for a boat ride?’

As Jack ran to catch a ride on the newly christened boat, I scrambled for the remote (Hey! That’s almost a Haiku!).


I realized too late. I had accidentally watched part of Titanic. I hope you can all forgive me, my transgressions. I remain as pure as I can, but fear the darkness that was placed upon me that day will never be removed from my soul.

Hearken unto my mournful tale so that you, yourselves, will be weary of the Dicaprio and his boat!

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